Floral Arrangement Ideas for a Modern Space

If your preferred design aesthetic is modern, you may worry that most bouquets won't fit into your space. However, not all floral arrangements have to have a classic or traditional look. In fact, both online and local florists can create gorgeous bouquets that are simple, elegant and decidedly modern. Here are some features to look for when picking out a contemporary arrangement:

Geometric Vases
The classic bouquet vase is curved so the base is wider than the mouth. This ensures the flowers get plenty of water and stand upright. While the design is ideal for preserving your blooms, it might not always feel modern. Instead, look for vases that sport a more geometric silhouette. For instance, you might pick a square vase or a tall and straight cylinder. Anything with clean lines and little embellishment is appropriate for a modern space. 

Creative Use of Greenery
Bouquet filler and greenery is having a moment in the floral world. These additions can add volume and an artistic quality to a bouquet – not to mention bring down the price considerably. One of the most prevailing trends is to use greens as a creative feature. For instance, you can find bouquets in which the vase is lined with large leaves. This provides texture and color to an already sleek container. Some arrangements also shape leaves into arches or bows to introduce a structural element. 

Succulents Galore
Succulents have surged in popularity, and for good reason. These plants are easy to care for, as they come from arid climates. They're the perfect gift for friends who may not be good at keeping bouquets alive, and they provide a unique color to your space. What's more, many succulents come in modern containers. Look for arrangements that include succulents alone or with other elements, like rocks, bamboo or flowers. Finally, succulents like aloe are geometric in shape and perfect for a modern look.

Keep it Zen
Zen-like arrangements tend to blend in well with a modern aesthetic because they are simple, clean and visually appealing. These arrangements have a sense of movement, letting you take in the entire bouquet. They also often feature plenty of greenery and a geometric container. They may bring in other natural elements, like wood or stone. Their neutral coloring ensures these blossoms will fit in any space of your home.

Ordering flowers online will help you find a plethora of modern and trending looks. Keep these features in mind while you browse.