Writing Notes With Your Flowers

Send more cheer with words.

Sending a loved one a bouquet of flowers can be a meaningful gift. After all, blooms and their colors represent a variety of messages, from love to friendship to joy. However, adding a personalized note to your delivery can further spread cheer to those you love. With that in mind, here are some tips for writing notes along with bouquet gifts:

Ask the Florist
If you're ordering flowers online, you may not be able to pen your note by hand, but that doesn't mean you're out of luck. Many sites include the option to add a note. If you don't see a field for typing a message, call or email the florist to ask how to attach one. You'll type out the words you want to say, and the florist will make sure your letter and the flowers safely reach the recipient.

For many, writing a letter by hand is important. You can send your handwritten card separately or purchase flowers in person. Whether you type or write your message, the thought is sure to bring your loved one extra joy.

Plan Your Message
Picking the right words, like choosing the perfect flowers, can seem daunting. Fortunately, you don't have to stick with the first idea that you come up with. Think carefully about what you want to say to your loved one, and write several drafts of your letter. That way, you'll have options to choose from when it comes time to send a bouquet. You can also edit your letter or have a trusted friend look it over.

No matter what the occasion, make sure you're sincere. It's better to be simple and honest than to write a note with flowery language that doesn't sound like you. Of course, if you want to a add a poem that's special to you and your loved one, go for it!

Consider the Occasion
The reason you're sending flowers in the first place can be a good place to start when penning your letter. For instance, if you're sending a bouquet to your spouse at the office on Valentine's Day, make mention of the holiday in your letter. Or, when writing to a friend in the hospital, add get-well messages.

Combining personalized passages with nods to the occasion can help you create the perfect and meaningful note.

Keep it Short
Traditionally, the words you send with your flowers are short and sweet. You don't need to write a long message like you would to a pen pal. Rather, write one or two sentences that drive your point home, and sign off with a sweet phrase. Sometimes, the simplest words mean the most.

Writing Notes With Your Flowers