Flowers for Valentine's Day

5 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day Flowers

January 2023

Each year on Valentine's Day, friends, family members and significant others find ways to celebrate their love for each other. One of the most popular gestures? Sending flowers, of course! In fact, sending gifts of beautiful bouquets and meaningful arrangements has become such a popular way to commemorate the holiday that "Valentine's" is now practically synonymous with "flowers." With this in mind, we came up with a few floral fun facts about Feb. 14:

1. A Florist's Holiday
Sure, lots of people send flowers on Valentine's Day, but did you know it's actually florists' busiest time of year? In fact, the February holiday accounts for about a third of the fresh-flower sales florists see each year, according to the Society of American Florists.

2. Roses by the Numbers
Roses are by far the most popular flower to send or receive on Valentine's Day, and red roses even more so. Most of the roses in circulation in the U.S. are grown in either South America or California, and, according to WEAU, over 50 million roses are sent to loved ones across the globe on this special day each year.

3. Long-Stemmed Prerequisites
We all know how popular long-stemmed flowers are – but what exactly does that mean? Don't many flowers have long stems? Well, there are a few prerequisites roses must have to be considered "long-stemmed roses." The stem has to measure anywhere between 24 and 36 inches, and the blossom must have a diameter of 2-4 inches. These flowers are substantially pricier than other floral options because they require special care when growing and pruning.

4. Global Valentine's Traditions
Valentine's Day is celebrated all across the globe, but no two countries have exactly the same traditions – and many don't celebrate the day on Feb. 14. One thing many traditions have in common? Giving flowers! Though red roses are universally popular, some countries celebrate with different flowers. In Denmark, you can show love to a friend or significant other by giving him or her a small, pressed white flower called a snowdrop.

5. Treat Yourself
Not everyone buys flowers for others on this holiday – many women in the U.S. pamper themselves by ordering beautiful bouquets for their own enjoyment. And why not? Don't limit yourself to roses, either. Some other popular flowers on Valentine's Day include mums, gerbera daisies, tulips and alstroemeria. Or, order yourself a mixed arrangement if you're looking for something vibrant, colorful and fun.

Flowers for Valentine's Day