Flowers for the New Year

3,2,1 ... Happy New Year!

December 2020

New Year's Day may not seem like a traditional flower giving occasion, but flowers can be a perfect pick-me-up for a winter party; a well-planned arrangement can lend that hint of spring to the frozen winter landscape. Flowers also make nice hostess gifts if you are going to a New Year's Eve party at someone's house or if you're staying the New Year's weekend at the house of a friend or family member.

Use flowers in your New Years Eve Decorations
Flower arrangements for New Year's Eve can range from the colorful festive look to the more elegant black and white approach. For a black and white arrangement, choose a black vase or top hat and fill it with white Fuji mums, white irises, baby's breath and/or white roses. For the black, insert an occasional black dahlia, black iris or dark purple, "Queen of the Night" tulip.

For a festive, colorful arrangement, almost anything goes. Select coordinating colors, such as purple and yellow or blue and orange for the maximum color punch. Arrange the flowers in a multi-colored bowl, a party hat or a painted ceramic vase. Accessorize the basket with streamers, noisemakers and other traditional New Year's trinkets.

Another way to approach this occasion to give flowers is to opt for a single stem or multiple stems of the same flower, such as dendrobium orchids, gardenias, lilies or even roses. Such arrangements can be simply displayed or very elaborate, depending on your taste.

Save having to arrange the flowers and transport them yourself in below-freezing temperatures by calling your local florist. They know how to get your arrangement there without any frost damage. It's just one more thing you won't have to worry about while preparing for your holiday event.

Flowers for the New Year