Father's Day Gifts

No More Ties: 6 Cool Plant Gifts to Give Your Dad

June 2023

Roses are one of the most popular Mother's Day presents of all time because of their beauty and symbolism. But when it comes to Father's Day, it's fun to get something for dad that's a bit more – well, cool. However, that's not to say that you should buy your dad another tech gadget or necktie like you do most years. This year present your dad with one of these six interesting and exciting plants he can keep on his desk or plant in the garden:

1. Cactus
Cacti are a great gift for low-maintenance people because they're one of the easiest plants to take care of. Plus, as we all know, their interesting shapes and self-protective spines make cacti really cool to look at. Pick up a Cleisocactus winteri, or golden rat tail cactus, which will bloom with peach-colored blossoms during late spring and early summer.

2. Succulents
Another appropriate present for dads who like plants that are a bit more low maintenance is a succulent. Succulents, such as jade, stonecrop, aloe and agave, require little care and are pretty easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. Inside, succulents need a pot that drains well and about six hours of sunshine (just put it next to an east-facing window), but your dad can also plant his gift outside in a rock garden or another dry area.

3. Haerella
Haerellas are actually mini orchids, but they frequently blossom with tiny flowers. Perfect for decorating a thin windowsill, these plants can be grown in very small containers, and their interesting beauty makes for a great conversation piece.

4. Bamboo
Bamboo plants are thought to give their recipients luck and good fortune, and what dad wouldn't love that? And what's great about bamboo is that it can adapt to almost any atmosphere, which means even if your dad works in a relatively dark environment and forgets to water it, the bamboo will still last a very long time.

5. Allium
If your dad loves gardening, allium plants are an awesome way to say "Happy Father's Day." Ornamental allium bulbs are actually part of the onion family, but they look quite a bit different. Look for purple sensation alliums that grow in huge globes of tiny blossoms for a really cool addition to any garden.

6. Herbs
Is your dad a great cook? Herbs, like basil, oregano and chives, are super easy to grow in both containers and gardens. Pick out a few seedlings so your dad can start using home-grown herbs in all of his favorite dishes!

Father's Day Gifts