Etiquette Tips For Working With a Florist

It's always great to be prepared.

Whether you're ordering flowers for a friend or planning a wedding, working with a florist can help ease your stress. These knowledgeable individuals can make suggestions when you're out of ideas, give you tips for keeping your flowers alive and coordinate the tricky details associated with bigger events. Of course, you should keep etiquette in mind when teaming up with these professionals. Here's a guide for working with florists:

Know What You Want And Ask For It
Florists can tell you about their bestselling bouquets, but they aren't able to predict what you'll love. When ordering an arrangement online or planning an event, come to the table with a specific mental image of your desired flowers. Then, tell your florist – in detail – what you want. This helps him or her put together a bouquet or flower scheme with which you'll be happy. Have specific plants, colors and silhouettes in mind when placing an order.

If you only provide a general idea, your florist will have a much harder time building a bouquet that matches your vision. Don't be afraid to be specific. It's not demanding; it's helpful.

Be Open to Suggestions
It might sound contradictory, but be open to your florist's ideas. Once you present your floral vision, he or she might get an idea that will enhance it. Florists are, after all, professionals with experience working with plants. As such, they know which blooms pair well together and what greenery will make the whole thing pop. Let your florist know that while you have specifics you want for your bouquets, you are also willing to hear any ideas.

You Don't Need to Tip
When it comes to wedding and event planning, knowing who to tip can be tricky. The general rule of thumb is that you don't have to give any extra money to business owners. So if you order flowers from a local florist, you don't have to give the owner a tip – that's what the fees you're charged are for.

However, you can tip the florist if he or she goes out of the way to produce the perfect flowers. For instance, if you wanted a rare flower he or she doesn't normally carry, you can give a small tip as a thank you. Otherwise, the best way to show your gratitude is by sharing photos from the big day that the florist can use in a portfolio. This way, he or she can show them off to potential clients.

Etiquette Tips For Working With a Florist