Flowers for the Month of December

Decorating for Christmas

November 2020

December is always a month with plenty of decorations. In addition to the Christmas tree, the wreaths, the lights, and candles, there are still many Christmas flower arrangements that can only complement the typical December décor. Find out about your festive flower choices, and make this Christmas the best Christmas to come.

The poinsettia, a plant known for its conspicuous red displays at Christmas time, owns the title of the December birth flower. This Christmas flower signifies celebration, success, reassurance, and good cheer. Poinsettias became associated with Christmas from the Mexican legend of a child who could not afford a gift to give Christ on Christmas Eve. On the way to see him, the  child grabbed some weeds from the side of the road remembering that a humble gift, if given with love, would be acceptable in God’s eyes. When brought into the church the weeds bloomed into red and green flowers. The congregation felt they had witnessed a Christmas miracle.

Representing formality, sweetness, self-admiration, and egotism is the narcissus. The narcissus is an alternative December birth flower to the poinsettia. The narcissus, better known as daffodil, gets its name from the Greek myth of Narcissus, a youth who fell in love with his own reflection in a stream. Mesmerized by the stream, the gods believed he would suffer from starvation so they transformed him into a flower to stay there forever. Being a flower of love, the narcissus is intended to make the receiver feel especially beautiful.

Christmas Rose
Also called the snow or winter rose, the Christmas rose is regarded as a true Christmas flower. There is no better way to show a significant other how you feel in December than with a Christmas rose. Although resembling a rose, this flower is not actually a member of the rose family. The large, flat flowers are usually a gorgeous shade of white, or occasionally a light pink that gives this flower an overall classic look.

Dutch Hyacinth
With an absolutely divine scent, the Dutch hyacinths are perfect for late December flower arrangements. These flowers come in all color shades, but the popular clean white gives it a definitive chic appearance. Named after the sun god Apollo, the hyacinth is a symbol of sport or play in the language of flowers. While blue hyacinths signify sincerity, the hyacinth in general represents constancy, which makes for an appropriate Christmas gesture to new and extended family.

Flowers for the Month of December