Christmas Flowers

There are More Ways to Say Merry Christmas!

December 2023

Another Christmas season, another poinsettia plant. If you’re like many Americans, the holiday season inevitably results in one or more gifts of poinsettias. Although poinsettia plants are beautiful and a holiday classic, it can be an exciting change of pace to experiment with alternative Christmas flower arrangements. Before you schedule another Christmas flower delivery for your loved one, consider other fun winter plants.

Norfolk Island Pine -- Although these plants do not provide the bright color of poinsettias, they are hardy and long-lived. A Norfolk Island Pine plant makes an amazing gift for an apartment dweller. Add a small string of lights or ornaments, and you have a miniature Christmas tree.

Amaryllis -- Amaryllis are readily available during the winter season, making it the perfect holiday plant. These tropical bulbs produce gorgeous trumpet-shaped blooms in vivid hues. You can either keep them for a single winter season or encourage them to bloom again the following year by watering and fertilizing.

Cacti and Succulents -- Cacti and succulents are wonderful choices for those who lack a green thumb. With just a little bit of care, these plants thrive. Choose from Christmas Cacti (or the related Thanksgiving or Easter Cacti varieties). These lovely plants bloom during the holidays, with blooms lasting three or four weeks. Just find a sunny spot and pinch back stems after blooming, and they will thrive for many years to come. Alternatively, choose from dozens of varieties of succulents, which make popular gifts year-round.

Kalanchoe -- Kalanchoe is a flowering plant closely related to jade. If properly taken care of, kalanchoe rewards owners with beautiful flowers (the plants come in several varieties with different colors).

Next Christmas, think twice before picking up a poinsettia or ordering a Christmas flower delivery for a friend. Several Christmas flower arrangements are appropriate for wintertime and can be a refreshing change of pace.

Christmas Flowers