Choose a Local Florist - Support Local Businesses

Benefits of Choosing a Local Florist

Purchasing flowers can be a big decision. The bouquet you select says volumes, so if you're sending someone a gift, you want to convey the right message. Even if you're ordering blooms to enjoy at home, you should make sure the arrangements you buy last a long time and are what you had envisioned. With that in mind, here's the case for purchasing locally:

Support Your Local Businesses
When you spend your money at a local business, you support your community's businesses. The taxes go back into your city, allowing your local government to invest in your neighborhood. What's more, buying from a nearby florist helps keep that shop open so you and other residents can enjoy blooms for years to come.

Flowers are Fresh
Your flowers are more likely to last longer when you purchase them near your home. They don't have to sit through a long shipping process before they get to you, which means less time for them to decay.

Build a Rapport
Are you a regular at the coffee shop down the street? Does the waiter at your favorite restaurant know your order before you say it? Buying from a local flower shop allows you to build a similar relationship with the owner. He or she will learn your favorite blooms, preferred bouquets and even important dates the more you buy.

Get Your Flowers Quickly
Whether you order online from a nearby florist or pick up blooms in person, staying in your neighborhood means you'll get your blooms faster. After all, they don't have far to go to reach your doorstep.

Protect the Environment
Shipping any purchase from far away isn't the best for the environment. Burning fossil fuels can deplete the ozone, so reducing carbon emissions is always a good thing. When you buy bouquets closer to home, your car or the delivery truck has a much shorter distance to travel, which means burning less gas. You and the earth will be happy with your purchase.

Finding the Right Shop
With all of the benefits of ordering flowers locally, you may be considering finding a shop. However, knowing what's around you can be difficult. And what if you want to buy flowers for loved ones who live out of town or state? Fortunately, you can get both the convenience of ordering online and the perks of staying local. lets you put in your zip code (or a friend or family member's zip code) to locate florists near you. You can then check out some bouquet ideas at a glance, or navigate to the shop's website.

Choose a Local Florist - Support Local Businesses