Why You Should Always Have Fresh Flowers in Your Home

There are tons of reasons to give flowers to a friend, from celebrating a special occasion to apologizing for a mistake you made. But did you know there are actually just as many reasons you should pick up a bouquet for yourself? Besides simply being lovely to look at, keeping fresh blooms in your home actually comes with several scientifically proven benefits. Here's why you should keep a bouquet of fresh flowers in your home all the time:

They're beautiful
Of course, most people pick up bouquets for themselves because they're so beautiful. Whether you love peonies, sunflowers or tulips, they make for the perfect decoration to add some life to a kitchen counter or dining room table. Not to mention, fresh flowers typically emit a lovely scent, which makes the air around them seem cleaner and lighter. Who wouldn't want that in their homes?

They positively impact your health
Doctors don't often prescribe fresh flowers to make their patients feel better, but in many cases, blossoms can make pretty amazing health boosters. In fact, according to a study published in the journal HortTechnology, flowers can significantly improve people's physical health. In the study, patients who recently had abdominal surgery were placed in hospital rooms that either did or didn't contain flowers and other plants. The ones who stayed in rooms with flowers needed less pain medication and had lower blood pressures and heart rates.

Fresh blossoms can also affect mental health, though. In the same study, patients who were able to look at flowers every day reported feeling less anxious and overall more positive than their counterparts. Other research performed by scientists at Rutgers University had similar findings. Researchers discovered that flowers have powerful emotional effects, helping people feel less depressed, less emotional and happier in both the short and long term. 

They promote productivity
Flowers obviously have some health- and mood-boosting benefits, but further research actually shows that they can benefit people's productivity and ability to complete tasks. Why? According to a study from Harvard, simply looking at flowers can boost people's moods and energy in the morning, even if they aren't typically "morning people," which in turn affects their ability to get things done. 

Whether you love flowers for the way they make you feel or the way they look on your dining room table, they clearly are a great addition to your decor. Work with a local florist to keep your home full of pretty arrangements.