Unique Flowers You Didn’t Know Existed

You probably have a few flowers or certain bouquets you love. They're the ones you order for your home or send as gifts to friends. You may even receive them because your loved ones know your tastes. However, there's a whole world out there full of strange flowers that are anything but familiar. Move over tulips, roses and daisies; here are some truly unique blooms you may not have heard of:

Black Bat 
The name of this flower alone says volumes. The black bat is black with deep purple accents. Its two prominent petals resemble wings, and it sports long tendrils that look like whiskers. Tacca Chantieri, the scientific name for the plant, is native to Asia, and its blooms can grow up to a foot wide. The flowers are most common in tropical areas of the continent. As such, the plant prefers plenty of humidity and sunlight. 

Chocolate Cosmos
Another dark flower with a much more pleasant name, chocolate cosmos are a deep reddish brown color. Some varieties even come in black. Chocolate cosmos are native to Mexico and thus prefer warm weather. If you grow them, they should be brought indoors during winter. These flowers feature eight petals surrounding a large center. Some gardeners even say the plants smell like the candy for which they're named. Either way, butterflies are drawn to the plants.

Ghost Orchids
While ghost orchids may be material objects, their place on earth is a little precarious; these unique and wispy blooms are endangered. The white flowers, which sport long, spiraling whiskers, have eluded enthusiasts and botanists, earning the moniker ghost. In fact, the plant is so intriguing to researchers that there are whole books about the bloom. Ghost orchids are native to Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas. What's more, to preserve the rare beauty, researchers at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences have developed a way to grow the flowers and replant them in the wild. However, you still won't see these elusive flowers in bouquets any time soon.

Middlemist Red
Middlemist red is a rare form of carnation native to China. In 1804, John Middlemist brought the flower from its homeland to England where it still grows today in a greenhouse. Since then, the flower has vanished from China, so you can only see it in person in England or in another greenhouse in New Zealand. As such, Middlemist red is considered the rarest flower on earth. It features rows upon rows of pink petals.