Halloween Floral Bouquet Ideas

For many, Halloween is more of a season than a lone holiday, which means decking out your home for the entire month of October. If you enjoy sporting fall colors and spooky accessories, consider including floral bouquets in your decorating plans. They're beautiful, seasonal and a great way to add life to your space during a time of change. Here are some details to look for when choosing Halloween-appropriate arrangements:

Autumnal Colors
Color is the easiest way to ensure floral bouquets fit the season, and Halloween is no exception. You can choose arrangements that are strictly spooky by selecting orange, black, purple and green booms. Or, celebrate fall at large with gold, red, orange and green hues. Either direction will bring color to your home while also celebrating the time of year.

Orange flowers with greenery make for an arrangement that is perfect for both Halloween and the fall season – if versatility is your priority, order a bouquet that matches that description. That way, it'll bring joy to your home on Oct. 31 and beyond.

Pumpkin Containers
Pumpkins are iconic during fall, making appearances as jack-o-lanterns during Halloween and pie during Thanksgiving. As such, they're the perfect floral container for the autumnal holiday season. Short and full bouquets are ideal for pumpkin vases, as they'll fill out the gourd. However, you may consider using an artificial pumpkin over a real one. Decaying produce releases a gas that causes flowers to wilt even faster than usual. Artificial pumpkins are already hollow (providing room for a plastic container inside) and won't affect your blooms.

Take your container up a notch by painting it white, gold, silver or (if you're really in the Halloween spirit) black. You can even paint patterns onto your gourd, or attach beads or jewels – it's the perfect craft for your kids.

Spooky Accessories
Want to have a little fun with your bouquet? Pick up a few accessories at your local craft store to increase the eerie factor. For instance, you can place plastic spiders on top of your flowers – just don't glue them down, as this could harm the plant. Signs are another easy DIY embellishment. Attach a card or paper that says seasonal phrases like "Boo" or "Happy Halloween" to a stick, then insert the stick into your vase. The best part about these temporary embellishments is that you can remove them after Halloween. That way, your flowers are still relevant to the fall season.

If you're planning to add accessories or make a pumpkin vase, order your flowers online with plenty of time for them to arrive before the holiday.