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Winter Flowers

Baby It's Cold Outside

Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean you have to wait until spring to enjoy beautiful flower arrangements. A skilled florist can have beautiful flowers delivered to your home or to someone you care about no matter what the outdoor temperature. Sending a winter flower arrangement to yourself or a friend is a great way to beat the winter blahs.

Popular winter flowers

With today's climate-controlled trucks and air transportation, virtually any flower can be a winter flower. However, some species just appeal more in the winter months. Below are just a few traditional winter flowers:

  • Pansies -- For an affordable, informal basket or arrangement, pansies are hard to beat. This delicate, yet hardy, perennial can even be planted in the garden come March or April.
  • Berries -- Traditional favorites like winter berry and holly make attractive arrangements during the winter months, and they last for weeks.
  • Amaryllis -- While poinsettias can look a little tired come January, the sturdy amaryllis bulb can bring color to your rooms for the entire winter season.
  • Miniature roses -- Full size roses are more appropriate for a winter wedding. However, the smaller version, paired with eucalyptus leaves and/or pine boughs make a pleasing winter arrangement.
  • Orchids -- These delicate beauties are just right, any time of year.
  • Mums -- Single white stems of Fuji or spider mums can make an elegant winter floral statement.
  • Baby's breath -- While this flower is best known as an accompaniment to long-stem roses or wedding arrangements, a bowl of baby's breath alone can be lovely and long-lasting.
Don't think that you have to forego flower arrangements during January, February and March. VIsit your local florist and have a colorful winter flower arrangement delivered today. It's sure to perk up your mood.

Peace & Joy

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