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What to Send Other than Flowers: Gift Baskets

Flowers and Gift Baskets are some of the most welcome gifts you could give. They are appropriate for almost any occasion, and they can make an occasion out of any ordinary day. They bring grace and beauty to a room and a smile to the recipient's face. There are few gifts you could choose that are more certain to be appreciated.

Send Flower Gift Baskets

Florists aren't just for flowers anymore! Gift baskets have become increasingly popular. You can combine flowers with other types of gifts, or choose a basket without flowers. Fruits, chocolates, gourmet goodies or junk food, whatever you'd like to send, you can send through a Teleflora florist.

Choosing a Gift Basket

Choose your gift basket with the recipient in mind. A hearty, outgoing woman whose favorite hobby is camping might love an arrangement of bold sunflowers or bright red gerbera daisies. A woman who loves the domestic arts might like an old-fashioned mixed bouquet presented in a willow basket. For men, stylized arrangements or blocks of bold color are likely to please.

Flowers might not be the first thing you think of when considering gifts for children. But I don't know of any eight-year-old, boy or girl, who wouldn't get a kick out of our bouquet of bright yellow flowers presented in an equally bright smiley face mug. You could even add a balloon or a stuffed animal for extra fun. There is no limit to the types of gift bouquets you can have created by your local florist.

But where are you going to find that perfect gift bouquet? Use Teleflora's florist directory, find a florist, to find respected and reliable florists in your area. You'll even get a map to direct you there. And if you're sending flowers, you can just enter the city or zip code to find local florists in that area. They'll have the freshest flowers, and will usually be able to deliver your gift bouquet the same day.

Gift Baskets Galore

You can choose a basket for chocolate lovers, for instance, that's chock full of candy, cookies and chocolate bars. You can also add a mylar balloon or a stuffed animal if you'd like. The gourmet picnic basket contains fruits, cheeses, nuts, sausage, olives and crackers for a delicious getaway. The healthy gourmet basket has fruits, crackers, cookies, juice and spring water; at the other extreme is the junk food bucket, with candy bars, lollipops, jelly beans, M&Ms, chips and more in a whimsical galvanized bucket.

Flowers or plants are combined with fruits in several offerings, and you have the option of adding a stuffed animal, balloon or chocolates to any order. But you may be asking yourself, "How can I be certain these fruits and flowers are fresh? And how can I find a florist half-way across the country?"

Both those problems are solved by, an online florist directory offered by Teleflora which can locate a reputable florist for you anywhere in the United States. Using a neighborhood florist assures that the fruits, candies, flowers or whatever you wish are fresh and of the highest quality. Since all listed florists meet Teleflora's stringent requirements, your gift basket will be delivered correctly and on time.

Surprise with Gift Baskets

Gourmet Fruit Basket - TF155-1

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