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4th of July Flowers

Happy Birthday USA!

In the United States, flowers are synonymous with special occasions, with beautiful bouquets frequently given to friends and family on holidays and during celebrations. When you step back and think about it, the vast variety of fresh flowers available all year is quite amazing. Because of this, perhaps the best flower giving occasion of the year is the 4th of July, when we celebrate the independence that makes it possible to live in such an abundant country.

Give Flowers When Attending a 4th of July Party

Common etiquette dictates that you ask the hostess if you can bring anything when you're invited to a party. Sometimes you may get to bring food, but other times, the hostess says that everything is being taken care of. Don't let this be an excuse to come empty handed, though. If you're invited to an event a friend is hosting, remember that this is one of the perfect occasions to give flowers as a hostess gift that can be used right away as part of the decorations.

Decorate Your Own Party With Fresh Flowers

Floral arrangements make the perfect decorations for 4th of July festivities, which are full of the bold hues of red, white, and blue. If you're hosting a party at your home, get your own bouquets and set them out as centerpieces on the food tables and around your gathering areas. Because you probably don't need to keep that many flowers after the holiday, remember the 4th of July as one of the occasions to give flowers, and encourage guests to take home a bouquet when they leave.

Choose the Best 4th of July Flowers

The type of bouquet you choose needs to reflect the overall atmosphere of the flower giving occasion. Some holidays are simpler, like Mother's Day, but the 4th of July is big and bold. There will be fireworks, lots of outdoor space, and probably some big flags competing for attention. Therefore, choose a bouquet with bright colors so it will stand out and add to the decor rather than blending in.

America The Beautiful
by Teleflora

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